By Lester Adams..

Sydelle Willow Smith is a photographer that studied at the Market Photo Workshop, completing her Foundation and Intermediate courses in 2007. During her time at the Photo Workshop she was included in many group exhibition and publications such as In Transit and Face her as part of the Newtown Women in Arts Festival. In 2007 a photo essay was selected for inclusion in 'I am not afraid', issue no. 100 of Camera Austria, a prestigious photography quarterly.

Smith is currently studying Social Anthropology and Video Production with the aim to do her honours in Visual Anthropology at UCT. She sites an interest in the politics of representation, evident in her work as an abiding humanist interest in the people she photographs. Smith is a storyteller first and foremost and her sensitivity to her subject belies a visual instinct that is unstinting in its direct, confrontational edge. Her photographs are for the most part deceptive, an engaging, sexy look at the world that hides, layers and competes with a more puissant, didactic telling of her environment.

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Anonymous said...

her soft yet confident approach allows an assertiveness that is at once free of any pretense, yet imposes a undeniable sense of awe - a respect for vision in both its endless complexity and confounding simplicity.