Globalist Magazine: Article on 'Poverty Tourism' written by Brigid Tierney, Photos by Sydelle Smith. University of Cape Town


Lerato said...

Hey sydellio interesting the 1st 3 pics are interesting as u put yourself in the tourist shoes and photographed through the window like they normally do technically as well they are nice i would have liked to see also some tourist as well in the shooting act mybe interacting with locals i feel u were a bit distanced in all pics besides 1 with the black guy with the folded hands thats my fauvorite u should have done more of that also from the tourists poins of view u see the hiv testing pic has potential of being quite powerfull personally i like the presence of people in such frames mybe passing by or something but its just personall preference i hope u gonna go back to do more or go through your original files once more its an interesting topic to develop as a feuture u see i think go for it get out of the car shadow those tourists mybe with a local opportunity to make a contact friend
Leratio your buddy from u know where

Steffi said...

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